5 tips to avoid illegal parking

‍Illegal parking is a big problem in the city of Malaga, especially when it comes to the airport, here are 5 tips to avoid illegal parking.

The streets are very narrow in some areas and have limited parking space, so drivers risk being fined every time they park their cars and go to check-in or board.

If you plan to visit Malaga or its famous airport by car, this article will help you find the most convenient place to park (and avoid getting fined) so you can take off stress-free.

Read on to discover 5 tips to avoid illegal parking in Malaga near the airport:

5 tips to avoid illegal parking

near Malaga car park

Check the recommended parking spaces

The first thing you should do is check if there are any recommended parking places near your flight arrival/departure time. If you are going to visit Malaga, you will find several car parks within walking distance of the airport that have special rates and discounts for visitors.

If you are planning to visit the city and leave your car in one of the car parks, remember that the rates are usually higher during the weekends. Also, if you park your car overnight, you will have to pay an additional fee.

5 tips to avoid illegal parking

near Malaga car park

Check the departure times of your flights

The next thing you need to do is find out when your flight leaves. You can find flight departure times on the Internet or on the official website of your airline. When you know your flight departure times, you can plan your parking for that day. The best time to visit Malaga airport is between 6 and 9 in the morning.

This is when the traffic is minimal and you can easily find a parking space. If you want to avoid illegal parking, it is best to park your car as early as possible and arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

This way you will have plenty of time if there are traffic jams and you will be able to avoid paying a fine.

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Do you need a car park near the Airport?

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Use a valet service

Another option to avoid illegal parking and have your car parked in a safe place is to use a valet service. People who work in the city and travel a lot know how stressful it is to find a parking space near the airport.

A valet parking service works very well for people visiting Malaga for business, or tourists who want to avoid illegal parking and have their car parked safely. A valet parking service is very safe as parking attendants bring your car to a special parking lot.

They park the car and keep it safe until you return. When you return to Malaga, you can call valet parking and your car will be brought to your location.

The price you pay for the service will depend on how long you need the car to be parked.

If you have a short trip, you can have your car parked for a few hours. If you have a long trip and need the car parked overnight, the service usually offers a 24-hour service.

5 tips to avoid illegal parking

near Malaga car park

Find a place with surveillance

If you are looking for an easy parking place, the best option is to park your car near a place with surveillance. Parking your car near a supermarket, restaurant or hotel is an easy way to avoid illegal parking.

As these places usually have a parking lot, they also have security cameras installed. That means parking attendants can easily check cars and see who’s parking there.

With this simple system, you don’t have to worry about getting fined for illegal parking.

For added safety, you can use the parking sensors on the dashboard in case someone collides with your car.

In this way, the sensors will immediately send a signal to your car alarm and you will know that something is wrong.

5 tips to avoid illegal parking

near Malaga car park

Avoid hidden entrances and exits

If you’re in a hurry, you might want to grab the closest parking spot you can find.

If you want to avoid illegal parking, you should look for a place with an easy exit and entrance.

Parking your car in an alley or on a narrow street can be a very bad idea. If you get a ticket, you will need to go to the parking office, pay the ticket and get a confirmation number.

One thing you have to do is check the number and make sure it is the same as the one on the ticket.

If it isn’t, you can challenge the fine knowing that you paid for parking but someone else used your car’s license plate and received a fine.

With easy entry and exit, you’re less likely to get a parking ticket.

5 tips to avoid illegal parking

near Malaga car park


When you visit Malaga, you have to be careful where you park your car. If you don’t, you may risk getting a parking ticket.

Most of the time, these tickets are issued by the police. The best way to avoid these fines is to choose the right place to park.

When visiting the city, be sure to check recommended parking spots, check flight departure times, use valet parking, look for a spot with surveillance, and avoid hidden entrances and exits.

Now that you know how to avoid illegal parking in Malaga near the airport, all you have to do is be careful where you park.

Don’t let a parking fine ruin your trip and enjoy your stay in Malaga.

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